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APH and ROTG crossover cosplay at Närcon 2013 - Nightmarebird!Matthew (me) and Jack Frost!Gilbert (Chalis).

We got to borrow this wonderful crossover idea from the amazing artist! Thank you so much!

aph cosplay rotg cosplay aph canada aph prussia aph matthew williams aph gilbert beilschmidt nightmarebird!matthew jack frost!Gilbert Hetalia rise of the guardians crossover crossover cosplay aph rotg crossover jack frost nightmare creature cosplay närcon närcon cosplay närcon 2013 närcon 13
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    So yeah! This is me and Birdie cosplaying a PruCan AU by the wonderful artist above! ^
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    **SILENT SCREAM** THEY ARE GREAT!!!!!!! Really lovely! ;u; the cape is a really good idea for matthew wings and I love...